An Inclusive and Convenient Solution Help Passengers Board Bus Easily.

Cloud Service connect Bus, Bus stops, and Smartphone.
  • On-board Device: Stops & Message Announcement/ Commercial
  • Bus Shelter: Arriving Time & Message/ Commercial
  • Smartphone: VOD & Reserve/ Check Busstructure

On-Board Device


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Embedded Computer

– Specially designed for city bus

– 1.2G/4 core CPU, 512M DRAM, 8G Flash, with GPS

– OS: Android 4.4.4

– GPS: uBlox, 9600bps

– 4G: Cat M1 (Max. 300Kbps (DL), Max. 375Kbps (UL))

– On-board WIFI: 2.4G (Client only)

– Real Time Clock (RTC): Auto-wakeup function


– Route No.

– Itinerary Info.& Stop Announcement

– Movie/Video & Commercial

– Easy Editing Tool

Bus Shelter


– Bus No.

– Arriving Time

– Depart & Destination

– Real-time Message(Scrolling Text)

– Commercial

Handheld Device



VOD on passengers’ portable device

– Enjoy Video and Music

– Connect Easily

– Provide Related Information

Smartphone app

– Check Bus Course and Time.

– Find the Nearest Bus Stop.

– Check Course via Map.

– Reserve a Coming Bus/Deboard Reminder.