• With Japan patent, nanoair generates *OH has similar effect as nanoe™ in Lexus
  • OHpenetrates into the carpet, sofa, and various fiber products to inhibit allergens and deodorize
  • Operation without noise, ultra-quiet quality
  • Effective in anti-mildew, antibacterial and PM2.5 removal
  • No filter needed, in other words, no consumables
  • Ozone free that decreases driver’s discomfort
  • OH attaches to skin and hair to keep them hydrated
  • Power-saving and light-weight design allows for easy installation at blower intake
  • Approved by CE, FCC, VSCC, SGS certifications

*OH, also known as hydroxide ion, reacts with an H+ ion to form a water molecule (H2O).

>>3 Models for Different Spaces<<

【P1】Suitable for small space, like elevator and car

【P6】Suitable for public transportation, like bus, coach, and train

【N310】Suitable for interior space, like room, suite, and office