• Status and Locations of All Vehicles on the Live Map
  • Real-time Vehicle Alerts and Diagnostics
  • Digitization Management of Driver’s Behavior
  • Driving Data Integration on the Cloud
  • Increase Fleet Compliance and Reduce Risk of Car Accidents
  • Optimize Routing and Productivity
  • Reduce Operating Expenses

Driver Site–Monitor and Server

  • Driver ID key
  • Driving overtime reminder and analysis
  • Speeding reminder
  • Safety distance reminder
  • Dangerous driving or fatigue alert
  • Vehicle fault detection and diagnosis
  • Blind spot display
  • Warning and notification from control center
  • Dangerous road display and voice alert
  • Front camera controlled by control center

Control Center–Driver Management

  • Report graded dangerous driving or emergencycssb2
  • Vehicle fault detection and diagnosis
  • Real-time video communication with the driver
  • Driving hours management
  • Driver’s performance scoring and analysis
  • Customize driver’s performance measurement
  • Management data searching
  • Fuel consumption analysis and monitoring
  • Taking photos of traffic violation (for bus)